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Welcome to Yoga@Cindy's!

We know that there are many choices for yoga studios in the South Bay so we are happy that you are considering practicing with us. Take a peek inside to find out what Y@C's is about...


What is Heated Yoga and Why do we use heat?

At Yoga @ Cindy’s our dynamic flow classes are taught in a heated environment where the room is maintained at about 90 to 95 degrees with 40% to 60% humidity. The heat helps our bodies warm up (sort of like stretching before running) and makes it easier to get deeper into postures more safely. From our experience, the many benefits of practicing yoga asana (poses) are amplified by doing so in the heat. Sweating helps us clean out our systems as toxins are carried to the surface of the skin in sweat where they float magically away during the process of evaporation.

The heat also:

•Helps us burn fat more effectively by boosting metabolism and melting away water weight in sweat
•Dilates our capillaries to boost the “oxygenation” of all our cells — tissues, muscles, organs, etc.
•Boosts circulation and gets the heart rate up, at times rendering yoga an aerobic activity
•Enhances our immune system by slightly elevating the temperature of the body, which increases T-cell functioning
•Elevates the functioning of the nervous system and decreases anxiety by relaxing the body