Why Practice at Y@C?

• Matted floors provide for a soft and therapeutic, yet supportive and odor-free experience.
• Two beautiful and convenient locations to choose from with memberships valid at both locations.
• 35+ fabulous instructors and 60+ classes offered a week--you're guaranteed to find an instructor you like and a class that fits your schedule.
• Great Membership Rewards Program
• We are a safe, friendly and welcoming community where you can establish and deepen your practice.

I'm interested in taking classes

  1. What style of classes do you offer?
      Other heated classes include: Dynamic Yoga Sculpting Heated Power Vinyasa Flow, Baptiste Power Vinyasa, Hot Pilates and Hot Pilates Express. Classes considered warm or at room temperature (between 75 and 85 degrees) include: Yin/Yang Yoga, Yin Yoga, Yin & Restorative, Foundations of Flow, Gentle Flow, and Mindful Vinyasa Flow. The majority of our classes are Heated Vinyasa Flow where the room is heated between 90-95 degrees. Each class differs from instructor to instructor as Vinyasa is a free form, dynamic and creative style of Yoga. Try a class with each of our wonderful instructors to learn what works for you. Class descriptions may be found on our class schedule page, just click on the class name to find out more.

  2. How long are the classes? And will music be played during classes?
      We offer 90, 75, 60 and 45-minute classes; it is best to check our schedule to view the most up-to-date information. Depending on the instructor and class type, some classes will feature music.

  3. Are all of the classes co-ed?
      Yes, all of our classes are co-ed (with the exception of Pre/Postnatal Classes) so men and women are all welcome!

  4. Can I attend class if I am new to yoga and what classes would you suggest for a beginner?
      Yes! The beauty of Yoga is that it's meant for everyone and the majority of our classes are mixed-level. As a new yoga student it is advantageous to practice alongside intermediate/advanced students to visualize the progression of the poses. If you are first time learner, our Foundations of Flow and Gentle Flow classes are a good first choice to begin your practice; we would not suggest taking a Power Flow class as your first class. While in class, listen to the instructor's guidance cues; these cues provide you with help to achieve proper alignment in poses to practice safely. All of our instructors are skilled at offering a variety of modifications--yoga will meet you where you are in your practice. Always listen to your body and you will gradually build your strength and flexibility; stop where you need to stop and go deeper when you feel ready. You will never be forced to do more than you are ready to do. Take a break or skip a pose or two if it becomes too challenging--try not to get discouraged. With each class, it becomes much easier to make it through all the poses.

  5. Is there an age limitation?
      There is no set age limit, but we would not suggest children to practice in our heated classes especially if they have not yet gone through puberty. As for seniors we say: it's never too late to start a yoga practice!

  6. What are the benefits of yoga?
      Practicing Yoga regularly offers a wide range of benefits. Physically you'll experience increased strength, flexibility, endurance, improved balance and better posture. A Yoga practice also helps to relax tight muscles and may aid in the recovery of an injury. All of these benefits will add value to other physical activites such as running, cycling or swimming. Mentally, the practice of Yoga engages you in meditation, which leads to improved focus, a calm mind and general happiness. Meditation requires students to focus on the breath which helps to achieve deep relaxation and healthier circulation. On a spiritual level, Yoga encourages personal inquiry, mindfulness and a connection to one's truest self.

  7. Will I lose weight?
      Our Heated Yoga classes are excellent cardiovascular workouts that raise the heart rate and burn fat. Consistent practice combined with a healthy diet will facilitate weight normalization and stabilization. With regular practice, your digestive, respiratory, endocrine, and lymphatic systems will work in harmony and you should begin to notice a decrease in unhealthy cravings.

  8. Can I practice yoga if I have a previous injury?
      During class, focus on doing the postures within the limits of your injury. With time, your body will heal and you will be able to return to the previous level of the postures or even go deeper with a new sense of awareness. Although it is possible to practice yoga with an injury, sometimes the best yoga is no yoga. Take a break and let your body heal.

  9. What if I’m not flexible?
      A common misconception of Yoga is the need to be flexible in order to do the postures. Yoga is not about having the flexibility to bend into a pretzel. The aim of yoga practice is improved health, strength, stability and happiness. With continued safe practice suited to your body's daily needs, you will notice increased flexibility over time.

  10. I am pregnant, may I be permitted to attend class?
      *We have a FAQ dedicated to our Pre/Postnatal classes which may be found here.*
      Practicing yoga while pregnant is a personal decision; we recommend that you speak with your health care provider first only if you have any underlying health issues or concerns that practicing yoga (prenatal or any other form) may be an unsafe activity for you. Otherwise, your body is the best indicator in telling you whether or not you should practice yoga while pregnant. If you have an established heated yoga practice, then taking our classes should not bring up any issues. However, if this is your first time practicing yoga or heated yoga, we would either suggest one of our Pre/Postnatal Classes or any of our WARM yoga classes (depending on what stage of your pregnancy you are in) where the temperatures are kept lower (between 75-78 degrees versus 90 degrees). If you choose to take a heated class, please always listen to your body, drink a lot of water before and after class and be mindful of your heart rate at the beginning of class as well as while you are practicing in class.

I'm ready to take my first class at Yoga@Cindy's

  1. Do I have to signup online to reserve a space for class or may I just walk-in?
      You DO NOT have to pre-register online to take class, however we do highly recommend that you register as a new client online before arriving for your first class (this will save some time and trees). Pre-registering for a class guarantees that we will hold your space until the class begins. If you do not arrive prior to the start of class your space may be given to another student. If you pre-register online you will still need to check-in at the front desk when you arrive at the studio. If you wish to use our online registration system please note that we allow 10 reserved spots for each class and 5 wait list reservations. Please note that if you are put on the wait list, that does not mean that the class is full to capacity. If you arrive 10 to 15 minutes before a class begins, there is a 99% chance that you will be able to get a space. We reserve 25+ spaces in each class for walk-ins.

  2. How should I prepare for class?
      - Drink as much water as you can throughout the day before class to avoid dehydration.
      - Avoid large meals up to three hours prior to class.
      - Arrive 20 minutes early before your first visit to complete the necessary paperwork and to get settled.

  3. What should I wear and what should I bring to class?
      Three class essentials are:
      - Mat
      - Towel
      - Water

      If you don't have a mat when you come to your first class, we offer you one to rent free of charge. Every occasion after that, please bring your own mat or you may rent one from us for $2.00. We also have towels for rent and water and mats for sale. Also, consider bringing a change of clothes if you have to head out after class--you'll be sweaty! Try to wear clothes that are light, stretchy, allow you to move freely and wick sweat way from your body. Most importantly, make sure that you are comfortable. Also, please leave your shoes outside the studio practice space as you will practice with bare feet.

  4. What are the basic class etiquettes?
      - Arrive on time; you will not be permitted to join class if you arrive 10 minutes past the start time.
      - Commit to completing the entire class including final relaxation (savasana).
      - Remove your shoes before entering the studio.
      - Turn off all cell phone and pagers and leave items in the provided cubbies outside of the studio.
      - Be considerate of your neighbors' space when you set up your mat.
      - Avoid strong perfumes or lotions.
      - Observe silence during practice.
      - Clean up your area after practice (e.g. wipe up any pooled sweat and return props to their proper location).

  5. What should I expect the next day?
      If this is your first yoga class or you haven't practiced in a while, expect to experience some muscle soreness. You may also have a headache which is generally a sign that your body has started to detox. Remember to drink a lot of water before and after class. If you sweated a lot, you may also need electrolytes. Try coming again the next day to help your body acclimate to the practice; you may even find that relieves much of your muscle soreness.

I'm a student interested in purchasing a membership

  1. I’m brand new to Yoga/Y@C and want to try out the studio/classes to see if it’s for me. What membership should I purchase?
      The $39 for 7 days (consecutive) Intro Membership challenge! Challenge yourself to practice as often as you can for 7 consecutive days. This is the best way to realize all the benefits heated yoga has to offer with a consistent practice. Find out how oftern you can fit Yoga into your wellness routine. Try out as many of our instructors as you can, discover which ones fit your needs and learn why so many people call Y@C their home away from home. The Intro Membership begins the first day you take class not the day that you purchase it.

      We also highly recommend enrolling in our Yoga 101 Workshop series (offered once a quarter). This is an excellent starting point or refresher for anyone serious about their Yoga practice. The workshop is limited to 15 students which allows for a lot of personal attention and ample opportunity to ask questions. During this workshop you will learn all the foundations of Yoga to prepare you to practice in any of our mixed level classes with confidence! The 101 Workshop series is offered quarterly.

  2. For the Intro Membership do I have to attend class every day for 7 consecutive days?
      No. The deal is $39 for 7 (consecutive) days of unlimited yoga. You are welcome to practice as much as you would like within that 7 day period; to take complete advantage of the Intro Membership we do encourage you to try and make it every day!

  3. I finished my $39 for 7 days Intro Membership and I want to continue my practice at Y@C! What membership should I sign up for next?
      Congratulations on completing the 7 day challenge and deciding to make Yoga a part of your life! We have many customized package options to fit various schedules and budgets. If you haven't done so already, please click here to schedule your complimentary 1 on 1 Wellness Consultation with a member of our Wellness Team. We pride ourselves on getting to know each person at our studio, what each unique person's Yoga intentions and wellness/lifestyle goals are and how Y@C can support you in reaching your goals and ideal lifestyle.

I'm interested in your studio facilities

  1. Where are you located?
  2. Do you have showers, water fountains or lockers at your facilities?

What is Heated Yoga and Why do we use heat?

At Yoga @ Hot YogaCindy’s our dynamic flow classes are taught in a heated environment where the room is maintained at about 90 to 95 degrees with 40% to 60% humidity.

There are a lot of reasons why we choose to practice yoga in a heated room. The heat helps our bodies warm up (sort of like stretching before running) and makes it easier to get deeper into postures more safely. From our experience, the many benefits of practicing yoga asana (poses) are amplified by doing so in the heat. Sweating helps us clean out our systems as toxins are carried to the surface of the skin in sweat where they float magically away during the process of evaporation.

The heat also:

•Helps us burn fat more effectively by boosting metabolism and melting away water weight in sweat
•Dilates our capillaries to boost the “oxygenation” of all our cells — tissues, muscles, organs, etc.
•Boosts circulation and gets the heart rate up, at times rendering yoga an aerobic activity
•Enhances our immune system by slightly elevating the temperature of the body, which increases T-cell functioning
•Elevates the functioning of the nervous system and decreases anxiety by relaxing the body

Another subtle effect of the heat that you don’t always hear about is that it actually helps us concentrate and stay in the moment. The intensity of practicing in a warm room is hard to ignore, and (at least in our experience) this helps our minds wander less. Since yoga is about staying present in the moment, the heat can function as our ally in this way.

By far the biggest reason we practice yoga in a heated room?

Because it feels good! Sometimes the warmth can be intense, and the sweating messy, but it feels so wonderful to purify our bodies in a heated practice (and then go home and take a nice rinse). Heated yoga isn’t for everyone, but many people find that after an initial adjustment period they never want to go back to “cold” yoga.