Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What style of classes do you offer?


      We offer a variety of heated (90-95 degrees), warm and non-heated classes. Heated classes include: Dynamic Yoga Sculpting, Power Vinyasa Flow, Baptiste Power Vinyasa, Hot Pilates and Hot Pilates Express. Warm (75-85 degrees) or non-heated classes (room temperature) include: Yin/Yang Yoga, Yin Yoga, Restorative, Foundations of Flow, Gentle Flow and Mindful Vinyasa Flow. Class descriptions may be found on our class schedule page (
  2. How long are the classes? Will music be played during classes?


      We offer 90, 75, and 60 minute classes; it is best to check our schedule to view the most up-to-date information. Depending on the instructor and class type, some classes will feature music.
  3. Are all of the classes co-ed?


      Yes, all of our classes are co-ed (with the exception of Pre/Postnatal Classes) so men and women are all welcome!
  4. Can I attend class if I am new to yoga? What classes would you suggest for a beginner?


      Yes! The beauty of Yoga is that it's meant for everyone and the majority of our classes are mixed-level and we're excited to support you on this new journey! All new students are encouraged to schedule a one-on-one Wellness Consultation so that we can welcome you to the community, learn more about you and pair you with the classes and teachers to support you where you are and where you want to take your Yoga practice. To learn more about our Y@C Wellness Team and what the Consultation is all about, please visit our website (
  5. Is there an age limitation in order to take class?


      There is no set age limit, but we would not suggest that children practice in our heated classes, especially if they have not yet gone through puberty. As for seniors we say: it's never too late to start a yoga practice!
  6. What are the benefits of yoga?


      Practicing Yoga regularly offers a wide range of benefits. Physically, you'll experience increased strength, flexibility, endurance, improved balance, and better posture. A Yoga practice also helps to relax tight muscles and may aid in the recovery of an injury. All of these benefits will add value to other physical activities such as running, cycling, or swimming. Mentally, the practice of Yoga engages you in meditation, which leads to improved focus, a calm mind and general happiness. Meditation requires students to focus on the breath, which helps to achieve deep relaxation and healthier circulation. On a spiritual level, Yoga encourages personal inquiry, mindfulness and a connection to one's truest self.
  7. Will I lose weight?


      Our Heated Yoga classes are excellent cardiovascular workouts that raise the heart rate and burn fat. Consistent practice combined with a healthy diet will facilitate weight normalization and stabilization. With regular practice, your digestive, respiratory, endocrine, and lymphatic systems will work in harmony and you should begin to notice a decrease in unhealthy cravings.
  8. Can I practice yoga if I have a previous injury?


      During class, focus on doing the postures within the limits of your injury. With time, your body will heal and you will be able to return to the previous level of the postures or even go deeper with a new sense of awareness. Although it is possible to practice yoga with an injury, sometimes the best yoga is no yoga. Take a break and let your body heal.
  9. What if I’m not flexible?


      A common misconception of Yoga is the need to be flexible in order to do the postures. Yoga is not about having the flexibility to bend into a pretzel. The aim of yoga practice is improved health, strength, stability, and happiness. With continued safe practice suited to your body's daily needs, you will notice increased flexibility over time.
  10. I am pregnant. May I be permitted to attend class?


      *We have a dedicated FAQ for our Pre/Postnatal students which may be found here: (* Practicing yoga while pregnant is a personal decision; we recommend that you speak with your health care provider first only if you have any underlying health issues or concerns that practicing yoga (prenatal or any other form) may be an unsafe activity for you. Otherwise, your body is the best indicator in telling you whether or not you should practice yoga while pregnant. If you have an established heated yoga practice, then taking our classes should not bring up any issues. However, if this is your first time practicing yoga, we recommend taking our Pre/Postnatal classes as an introduction.
  11. I'm ready to take my first class at Yoga @ Cindy's How do I get started?


      First thing is to schedule your complimentary one-on-one Wellness Consultation ( We also offer an Introductory Package - $39 for 10 Consecutive Days of Yoga. You're able to purchase that once you touch base with one of our Wellness Consultants or (if you're ready to hop onto the mat!) you can purchase it via our online store. If you do choose to purhcase it online, please expect a friendly email from us reaching out schedule your complimentary Consultation. We look forward to meeting you!
  12. I'm a current student and wish to purchase a package, why can't I find your prices online?


      We've made some recent changes to our website and at our studio to better align with our core philosophy of consistency as the key to realizing the many benefits of a Yoga practice and also reconnecting to our roots of connection and supporting our clients with a personalized experience. We want to know about your experience at our studio and how we can improve to better support you in your Yoga journey. With that, we'd be happy to find a time that works for you (whether in-person when you come to take class next or over the phone) to communicate these exciting shifts and our new packages. To give you a quick snapshot, we offer month-to month options (range in price from $69.00- $189.00) and class cards (range in price from $89.00 - $450.00). If you'd like to learn more about which option may be best for you, please email us at: