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Meet the Y@C Wellness Team

Meet and get to know the team that supports new and current members alike.

Cindy Ja

President, Yoga @ Cindy's
Wellness Consultant
E-RYT 500

Cristina Cortes

Director - Wellness Team
RYT - 200 - Yoga Tree San Francisco Alum

Cristina joined the Yoga @ Cindy's family in the spring of 2014 as a teacher at the Lawrence Studio and a few months later as the Studio Manager. In both of her roles, she crossed paths with many teachers and students all of whom she is so grateful to know. In the summer of 2016, a change of pace called her name and she moved to Portland, Oregon. She enjoyed exploring and eating all that the Pacific Northwest had to offer, but a year was all it took for her to discover she is a true Californian at heart. Cristina has now resettled into Bay Area life and is the Director of the Y@C Wellness Team. What she most looks forward to in this new role is reconnecting with a community she most certainly missed while she was away and creating new connections with potential students to share her love for Yoga @ Cindy's. She is especially grateful to be working with a group of passionate and talented women who want nothing more than to share what makes Yoga @ Cindy's unique and the life-changing power that a consistent Yoga practice affords to all its practitioners.

Katherine Hangeland

Manager - Community
Wellness Consultant

RYT - 200 - Yoga @ Cindy's Teacher Training Alum

Katherine started a regular Yoga practice in January of 2015 after relocating 3,000 miles away from her friends and family. She leaned into Yoga to find a new community and a sense of normalcy in her life that was very literally upended in 2014. She became a Yoga @ Cindy’s Volunteer Trade team member in May of 2015 and she soon found herself looking forward more to her early morning shifts on Tuesdays and Wednesday than any other part of her week. In November of 2016, she come on board with Yoga @ Cindy’s full time as a manager, leaving her soul-sucking corporate job in the dust.
She completed her 200-hour teacher training in May of 2017 at Yoga @ Cindy’s and has loved every second of teaching and sharing the practice which has been so transformative for her. I love talking to anyone and everyone about Yoga; my journey and, more importantly, theirs and I feel a special kind of thrill when students tell me about specific classes that they’ve loved or breakthroughs that they’ve had - on and off the mat. She hopes that all students who enter Yoga @ Cindy’s find a sense of peace and strength on their mat that they can carry with them no matter the situation, that they can let go of all the things in their lives that do not serve them, and that they can learn to fully experience the present moment as it comes and as it goes again.


Pooja Sivakumar

Front Desk Manager
Wellness Coordinator

Pooja started as Y@C's Wellness Coordinator in August of 2017. She uses her experience in customer service and the health and fitness sector to help the entire Wellness Team run smoothly. She also manages the Lawrence Studio Front Desk in the evening so you may have crossed her path there! What particularly excites her about the studio's emphasis on wellness and personalization is she truly believes Y@C is changing the way students and teachers have relationships. By becoming more personal and getting to know everyone better, finding what works for them, the Wellness Team is able to create a better experience for the entire community and create stronger bonds between students and teachers. Yoga has always been something that Pooja uses as a tool to become stronger, not just physically, but mentally, as well and she looks forward to sharing that message with the Y@C community.

Yoga @ Cindy’s is a unique Bay Area Yoga Studio offering each of our students a distinct and personalized experience that begins before your first class! Through our individualized Wellness Consultations, we work with you to create and tailor a practice that will enable you to live your best life on and off of your mat. We can't wait to get to know you and see how Yoga @ Cindy's offerings may help you on your Wellness journey.

Looking to experience what we offer at Yoga @ Cindy's? We encourage all potential clients, new and familiar with yoga, to give us a try with the Y@C Intro Package: $39 for 10 Days of Unlimited Yoga* which comes with a Complimentary Wellness Consultation.  If you're ready to hop onto your mat then purchase this package by clicking here: BUY NOW.

Once you purchase your Intro you'll receive an email from our Wellness Team with more information about scheduling your Wellness Consultation. We're excited to meet you, make sure you get the most of your introductory period and introduce you to the Y@C Community.

* Intro is valid for 10 consecutive days.